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Meg says:
“Odds are that the white women that are receiving all of these messages and the white women that are sending a lot of first messages are different groups of white women, and likewise for the men sending the messages. The pool of white people here is large enough for many things to occur within it simultaneously, with a lot of room for variation, outliers, etc.”

I never said otherwise. Nonetheless:
o White women who write initial messages are ignored more often than any race except black women
o White women who receive initial messages are far less likely than white men to be influenced by the race of the sender when deciding whether to respond.

Which is why it seems to me that whoever interpreted these results is stretching the truth to make it fit their initial biases/hypothesis. The data definitely doesn’t suggest that white women are considered the prize in the online dating world. Nor does it suggest that white men are “even handed” when compared to white women, who apparently “only respond well to white men”. If we are going to say that white men are even-handed, then white women are even more so. If we are going to say that white “only respond well to white men”, then surely white men only respond well to middle-eastern women.

By the way, if you have “a lot of… outliers” that all skew the data in the same direction, they’re probably not outliers.

October 24, 2009 at 1:06 am
eddie lukwago says:
I think black men and women are treated unfairly but their is a God who knows beyond borders!!